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Christmas season is a time of giving and receiving. When you get a Christmas card, which may be quite rare these days, it’s wonderful to acknowledge the giver for their sweet gesture. Here is a collection of sample thank you messages fo Christmas card which can really help you write the right heartfelt words of thanks. 

  • Thank you for the wonderful Christmas card you sent. It was quite thoughtful of you. Happy holidays!

  • I was moved by the Christmas card you sent. Thank you for being so thoughtful. 

  • That wacky Christmas card made my day. Thanks and happy holidays to you.

  • That was the sweetest Christmas card ever. Thank you and happy holidays to you and your family.

  • The Christmas card coming from you means a lot to me. Happy holidays!

  • What a charming Christmas card you sent. We all loved it. Happy holidays to you and the whole family.
  • I totally LOVE that Christmas card you gave me. It was really cool and just filled me with holiday spirits. Thank you.

  • It’s a wonderful feeling receiving that Christmas card from you all the way from another continent. Thank you and enjoy the holidays.

  • It’s been a long time since I received a Christmas card. That was thoughtful of you. Happy holidays. 

  • I thought Christmas cards were old fashioned. But then you sent me one and remembered how touching they are. Thank you. Enjoy the holidays!

  • Thanks for the Christmas card! It made this holiday season really special for me.

  • Thank you for the warm and touching Christmas card you sent. I’ll forever cherish it. 

  • I never thought Christmas cards could still bring out the holiday cheers. Thank you.

  • I thought I’d never see another Christmas card in my life. Thank you for the adorable one you sent me.

  • Happy holidays to you. You’re such a gem of a person for sending me the coolest Christmas card ever.

  • Christmas cards never fail to lift my spirits this season. Thank you for you thoughtfulness.

  • Call me old fashion, but I sincerely love getting Christmas cards this holiday season. Thank you so much. 

  • It’s about time Christmas cards rule this season of giving. Thank you for the lovely one you sent me. Enjoy the holidays!

  • I truly enjoyed reading the Christmas card you gave me this holiday season. Thank you.

  • Christmas cards bring about a certain joy that no other gift can bring. Thank you for your gift of joy.

  • It’s a loving feeling when I get Christmas cards from you during this season. Thank you for all the love. 

  • You sure made me smile with that naughty Christmas card you sent. Happy holidays my friend!

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