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Cakes, in whatever form, are lovely treats to receive for Christmas. If you have been blessed with a sweet expression of holiday cheer in the form of the Special Christmassy Cake, don’t forget to show your appreciation by sending a message of thanks. 

Here is a collection of sample thank you messages for Christmas cake that  you can use. Go ahead and choose the Sweety Christmassy Cake Thanks wordings right here. 

  • What an awesome surprise to receive a cake from you for Christmas. It was very delicious! Thank you!

  • The cakes and goodies you sent last Christmas were so yummy. Everyone in the family enjoyed the gift basket. Thank you very much. 

  • The cake you sent was insanely delicious. It was the centerpiece of our Christmas dinner. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for the delectable cake you gave for Christmas! The design was too beautiful to eat, but we devoured it anyway. 

  • Thank you for baking a cake for Christmas! I felt so loved by your gesture and the yummy gift this holiday season.

  • Our Christmas feast was extra special because of the cake you gave. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for the cake you sent for Christmas. Your cake made our Christmas dinner sweeter! 

  • You know I always love cakes. Thank you for the cake you sent for our Christmas celebration. It was so yummy!

  • What a lovely cake! It almost thought it was my birthday! It really made my Christmas extra special. Thank you!

  • Thank you for the raspberry cheesecake you sent for Christmas. It looks perfect for the season because of its color. The flavor is also awesome.

  • Your personalized cupcakes are always the best. Thank you for the lovely and yummy Christmas cupcakes you sent. Everyone loved them!

  • The cake you sent was shockingly beautiful and decadently tasty. Thank you! Have a wonderful Christmas! 

  • I have no words to describe how amazing your Christmas cake is. Thank you so much!

  • The cake you sent for Christmas was awesome! The kids loved it most especially. Thank you!

  • You are such an amazing artist. Even your cakes are awesome. Thank you for giving me one of your masterpieces for Christmas.

  • I just wanted you to know how much we loved your Christmas rum cake. Thank you so much. Happy holidays!

  • Thank you for the delicious moist chocolate cake you sent me for Christmas. It really made my holidays sweeter.

  • Thank you for the unique and jaw-dropping cake you gave me for Christmas. It was so beautiful, it’s a shame to eat it. But I ate it anyway. Happy holidays!

  • What a sweet way to enjoy the holidays with the cake you have given me for Christmas. Thank you!

  • Thank you for the cake you baked for me last Christmas. I was so touched by your gesture and I enjoyed the cake as well. I hope to taste another one of your treats someday soon.

  •  Many thanks to the delicious treat you gave last Christmas. Thank you. It was a lovely and yummy cake!

  • Everyone loved the cake you sent last Christmas. Thank you so much. It truly added to the holiday cheer!

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