Thank You Messages For Christmas Gift/Wishes to Friends

Thank You Messages For Christmas Gift/Wishes to Friends/ Thank You Note For Christmas Wishes to Friends / Thank You Messages For Christmas Gifts to Friends/ Thank You Messages  to Friends at Christmas

They say giving is better than receiving. When you’re on the receiving end during the Christmas season though, it is but polite to send a thank you note to the giver. It doesn’t take much but it will mean a lot to the giver of the gift. Here are some sample thank you messages that you can use to show your appreciation this yuletide season to your friends. 

  • You made my Christmas a really delightful one. Thanks for the buffet dinner treat. Happy holidays again.

  • That motorcycle helmet you gave me for Christmas is a perfect match for my bike. Thanks man for being so thoughtful.

  • You know very well I love you mom’s brownies. Thanks for giving me a box this Christmas. I just love it to bits!

  • It was really generous of you giving me an Iphone for Christmas. Thank you my friend. 

  • I think I’m in heaven now. Thank you so much for the box of Nutella you gave me for Christmas! You are the best of all best friend ne could have.

  • It’s c chocolatey Christmas for me this year. Thank you so much for the assorted chocolates you gave me for Christmas. Happy holidays!

  • You know I have enough model tanks in my stash. But it wouldn’t hurt having another one coming from you. Thanks for this great Christmas gift!

  • I didn’t think it was possible, but I got the coffee maker I wanted for Christmas. Thank you for being my Santa this year my friend.

  • Only you have made me truly smile this Christmas. That cute little kitten for Christmas was a charm. Thank you so much!

  • A puppy? A puppy! Yes, you know how much I missed my old dog. Thank you for making this Christmas very memorable for me. I shall name it Rudolf. 

  • Thanks for the shirt you gave me for Christmas. I will be wearing it tonight when we meet up.

  • Thanks man for the Star Wars themed bath set you gave for Christmas. The force is strong with me now.

  • That lightsaber set you gave me for Christmas will have a special place on my workshop wall. Thank you so much. 

  • The night lamp you gave me for Christmas will make it easier for me to read at night. Thank you. That was really thoughtful of you. 

  • You know, I really love the set of curtains you gave me this Christmas. It goes very well with the theme of my living room. Thanks a ton! 

  • We’ve been friends for a long time and you never fail to send me the inspiring Christmas wishes. Thank you and happy holidays. 

  • Thank you for the Christmas greetings my friend. Why don’t you come over and have dinner with us and share in our celebrations.

  • The warmest Christmas greetings do come from the closest of friends. Thank you and happy holidays to you.

  • I appreciate the micro drawers you gave me this Christmas. It would help me organize my hobby. Happy holidays my friend!

  • You’re such a caring friend, thank you so much for the 120 gig memory card you gave me this Christmas. 

  • Thanks for the Christmas day lunch buffet treat my friend. Man I’m totally stuffed!

  • You’re a crazy good friend! Thank you for filling my car with my favorite choco-pudding for Christmas! You are the sweetest!

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